2015 Types of Public Tours:

Download the Oxford Official Guided Walking Tours 2015 Programme, here!


CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien Tour
Two university lecturers and friends, JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, wrote some of the most popular books of the 20th century. Share the environment in which they studied, lived and spent their leisure time in their beloved Oxford.


Downton Abbey Era Tour
Discover what life was like in England during the Downton Abbey Era. Immerse yourself in this eventful historical period by exploring life in Oxford at that time. Hear also about the surprising links between Oxford and the Downton Abbey cast members.


Gargoyles & Grotesques Tour
Symbols, emblems, motifs, animals and demons cling to the roofs and walls of buildings in Oxford. Medieval and modern stonemasons used imagination and humour in creating a wealth of amazing stone carvings. Let our guide highlight the inventiveness and delights to be seen. Bring your binoculars!


Literary Tour
Over the centuries many famous writers: poets, novelists, critics and children’s authors have studied or lived in Oxford. Explore this rich heritage with one of our knowledgeable guides.


Magic, Murder & Mayhem Tour
An alternative tour of Oxford to find out about secret societies, alchemists, martyrs, traitors, rogues and criminals. Discover too, one of the world’s largest collections of amulets, talismans and magical objects.


Medieval Oxford Tour
In medieval times, Oxford was a walled town, with most of the population engaged in trading and markets. It was also an emerging centre of learning where bloody confrontations between Town and Gown took place. On this tour your guide will bring the medieval town alive!


Oxford in the History of the Nation Tour
Hear about the role Oxford played in the history of the nation: as a site of councils, Empress Matilda’s prison, the birthplace of King John, the first meeting of De Monfort’s Oxford Parliament, the capital of the country during the reign of Charles I and a place of education for 26 Prime


Oxford Film Sites Tour
Oxford is one of Britain’s busiest and most instantly recognisable film and TV drama locations. See the backdrop for historical re-creations and literary adaptations from fantasies to thrillers such as Testament of Youth, X-Men: First Class and The Golden Compass. Hear of the links with some of the biggest names in cinematic history.


Pottering in Harry’s Footsteps Tour
Tour the locations where memorable Harry Potter scenes were inspired and shot and enter the magical wizarding world yourself.


Science at Oxford Tour
Take a fascinating tour focusing on the study of science at Oxford. By the 14th century Oxford was famous for the work of Bacon and Grosseteste and for developments in mathematics and astronomy. The 17th century saw Harvey, Boyle, Hooke and Halley make ground-breaking discoveries. In the 20th century, it was the penicillin scientists under Professor Florey who made the greatest impact. Find out about Oxford’s role at the leading edge of science right up to the 21st century.

Stained Glass Tour
The city of Oxford has some of the finest stained glass in the UK. Almost every style and period of English glasspainting is represented, from medieval to modern including particularly beautiful 17th century windows and a wealth of 19th century glass by William Morris and Co. Enjoy the opportunity of seeing some fascinating craftsmanship. Bring your binoculars!

Tour of Bampton
Visit some of the stunning TV locations used in Downton Abbey: the church where the marriages and funerals have taken place, the entrance to the hospital, the location of both the Grantham Arms and the Dog and Duck, as well as the Post Office and Mrs Crawley’s House. You will also see the green outside the church where the summer fair and the unveiling of WWI memorial was held. Whilst also discovering the fascinating past of Bampton, a beautiful Oxfordshire Cotswold village.

Tudor Oxford Tour
The Tudor period roughly coincided with the great change in church life known as the Reformation. Walk and hear history in the making in Oxford, from Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries and Queen Mary’s persecution of Protestants for their faith, to Queen Elizabeth I’s encouragement of University revival.

When Alice met Harry Tour
Alice in Wonderland was inspired by Alice Liddell. She spent her early years in Oxford, and her friendship with Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, led to the writing of the two Alice books. Another favourite, Harry Potter, appeared here when some of his film scenes were shot in Oxford locations. Join this tour to explore their worlds of wonder and wizardry.

William Morris & Victorian Oxford Tour
The Pre-Raphaelites were closely connected with Oxford. Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris studied here, and together with Holman Hunt they left the city with some outstanding artistic works. Join a tour with emphasis on this delightful period of Victorian art.

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The University and City Tour (& The University and City Tour with the Divinity School)

This is our most popular introductory tour, taken by the majority of visitors.  the guide will lead you through the heart of the historic city centre illustrating the history of Oxford and its University and describing the architecture and traditions of its most famous buildings and institutions.
These tours depart daily except on Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day

This tour is also available in French, German or Spanish on selected dates during the year.

The 10.45am and 2pm tour may include a visit to the Divinity School (except on a Saturday).  The tickets of the University and City Tour with Divinity School are made available on a Friday for the week ahead.



Inspector Morse tour

Inspector Morse Tour

Follow in the footsteps of the city's celebrated TV detective and his successor, Lewis, created by oxford author Colin Dexter.  Visit the scenes of their best-known cases with lots of lively anecdotes along the way. 
This tour departs at 13:30 every Saturday, with additional tours every Monday and Friday between March and September.

Look out for the Special Inspector Morse Tours with the option to take tea at Oriel College at the end of the tour! Additional fee applies, ensure you purchase the appropriate ticket in advance.

Family Oxford Walking Tour

Family Tour

Fun in Oxford for all the family! Take part in this informal tour and share in a light-hearted look at the surprises and delights Oxford has to offer children and adults alike. 

This tour departs at 1:30pm during the English school holidays.